Talia Collins

"My collection is aimed at women who care about their clothes, where they come from and their afterlife."

About Us

We have combined our love of fashion with our concern for the marine environment to design sustainable, timeless and personalisable swimwear, using fabric based on ECONYL® yarn, ethically produced from discarded fishing nets and plastic litter.

Our luxurious Italian fabrics are chlorine-resistant, SPF50 and thanks to Xtra Life™Lycra®, supportive and sculpting for extra body confidence.

This innovative blend of regenerated ECONYL® and Xtra Life™ Lycra® means that your swimwear will have lasting durability and has been proven to be twice more resistant to abrasions, sunscreens and tanning oils than most swimwear fabrics.

All pieces are designed and cut to flatter and are sold as a pair on a mix and match basis to suit you.

Talia Collins

About Talia

Talia Collins, a former Vogue Paris stylist, has combined her love of fashion with her concern for the marine environment, to design sustainable swimwear using fibre recycled from those abandoned fishing nets.

Talia, grew up spending her summers in Brittany and the South of France, where days spent swimming and walking the coastlines fostered a respect for the ocean and an understanding of the need to protect it. Talia took this ethos into her fashion career and when she decided to launch a swimwear brand, she knew she needed to make it sustainable.

"Every brand today should think about how to be more conscious and responsible. I really wanted to raise the consumer’s awareness to the fact that fashion today, is the world’s second-largest polluting industry. We should be thinking about giving fabrics and industry by-products a new life, which is why my collection is aimed at women who care about their clothes, where they come from and their afterlife."

Talia Collins
Talia Collins
Talia Collins
Talia Collins
Talia Collins

Honouring The Ocean

Did you know?
According to World Animal Protection, each abandoned fishing net in our ocean entangles and harms between 30 to 40 marine animals.

We have teamed up with Healthy Seas Initiative, an international non-governmental organization, to help collect the discarded nylon fishing nets that harm sea and wildlife, for regeneration into ECONYL® yarn, the basis for the high-tech swim fabric we use.

Every year, Talia Collins donates 10% of their global profits to Healthy Seas. Read more about the initiative here healthyseas.org

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We also promote recycling. Send back your swimwear once you have finished with it so we can give the fabric a new life and offer you a complimentary 20% discount on your next purchase.

Talia Collins
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